Jpop Recommendations - Girls Be Ambitious

Posted on Saturday, May 10, 2008 by Steven

The Jpop album Girls Be Ambitious was released March 26, 2008 which featured a variety of popular and talented female artists. I was glad the female voices were typically lower pitched, but wasn't too happy about the rapping.

Crystal KayTears
Slower paced song with excellent vocals
I Love You
Pop, the song's hook is the excellent piano instrumental
Aisuru Toiu Koto
Pop/Soca, excellent vocals from my favourite Soca Jpop artist
Leah Dizon
Koi Shiyou
Pop, I like this song minus the chorus
Once More
Pop, I'm a sucker for piano yet again

Of the 26 tracks, only 5 songs matched the Jpop I enjoy. I was slightly disappointed, but then again, the percentage of songs I enjoy in the Oricon SINGLE WEEKLY TOP 30 is usually just as bad.

3 Responses to "Jpop Recommendations - Girls Be Ambitious":

renaye says:

koi shiyou by leah dizon is worth listening to.

GFaith says:

Leah is so pretty, and he music is great. I am glad to see her on your list!

GFaith says:

No post in a while?