J-Rock Group GLORY HILL, the ELLEGARDEN Substitute?

Posted on Sunday, March 23, 2008 by Steven

Since ELLEGARDEN's last release in November 2006, I've been eagerly waiting for some new music from my favourite J-Rock/Punk Rock group. For those hardcore the brilliant green fans that waited five years for their comeback single, how did you survive? Last week, I was skimming through the March 17, 2008 edition of Oricon SINGLE WEEKLY TOP 30, when I found the song DAYBREAK e.p. by GLORY HILL (ranked 26). I promptly took out my "Essence of ELLEGARDEN" checklist from my pocket and filled in the details:

Band name is CAPITALIZED
Music genre is J-Rock/Punk Rock
Songs contains (some) unintelligible English lines
Lead singer has a whiny voice similar to Simple Plan's Jeff Stinco

We have a winner! The list may be simple, but it fully represents the wonders of ELLEGARDEN.

Here is a YouTube video of DAYBREAK e.p. by GLORY HILL

I hope they're using Japanese and English in this song, otherwise they have some epic English pronunciation problems...

If you've never heard of ELLEGARDEN before, here's a sample from their song Marry Me

Since YouTube tends to remove Jpop videos, an alternative MV for ELLEGARDEN is the song Space Sonic, which can be found at JpopAsia by clicking here.

If you've never heard of the popular Canadian band Simple Plan, here a sample MV for their song Perfect (one of my favourite songs by them)

Unfortunately, JPOPSUKI doesn't have their single and they have no Wikipedia article. They may be lacking popularity now, but if you're a fan of the J-rock/punk rock genre or a fan of ELLEGARDEN, they're a nice temporary substitute.

GLORY HILL's myspace page can be found here. You can legally sample some of their songs. An interesting note: ELLEGARDEN and POLYSICS are myspace friends with GLORY HILL.

4 Responses to "J-Rock Group GLORY HILL, the ELLEGARDEN Substitute?":

Aday says:

Completely agreed i was looking for a new band to fix my ellegarden crisis (since the band disbanded)
And Glory Hill is really nice and impressive


you should try My Summer Plan they sound like GLORY HILL and ELLEGARDEN

textbooksociopath says:

since ellegarden is on hiatus, the members have their respective projects. i'm friends with their bassist, yuichi-san and since 2009 he's got a new band (metal/hardcore) named Meaning (good friends of mine).

you can check them out in myspace:



textbooksociopath says:

"Kaze No Hi" and "Koukasen" are my favorite songs. the lyrics are all japanese. :)