Posted on Sunday, March 2, 2008 by Steven

Thanks to J-MELO, I was introduced to the Jpop group POLYSICS. My favourite music video is "DOMO ARIGATO" Mr. Roboto. I'm all for comedic Jpop music videos, since I rarely see any humerous music videos from the likes of Yuna Ito, Ayumi, or Namie Amuro.

POLYSICS Mr. Roboto 001

The music video starts of with the antagonist Mr. Roboto filming a Japanese robot TV show. However, like all free minded robots, he escapes and prepares to wreak havoc on humanity.

Mr. Roboto's wrath includes:
1. Tipping over supplies and stealing batteries from a local convinience store
2. Pushing over bikes on a bike rack
3. Pulling childish pranks like ringing a door bell and running away
4. Kicking ass at a club (including the DJ)
5. Beating up children until they are unconscious (although I wouldn't rule out death)
6. Returns to the film set to kick the director's ass

POLYSICS Mr. Roboto 004
The gruesome aftermath of Mr. Roboto's wrath on small children

It's a random music video, which is always good. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. As for the song, it's pretty repetitive, but I'm too distracted by the music video to make any deep analysis about it.

This music video proves once again, why robots are a danger to our society. Yes, that means you Honda ASIMO. Your cute outer shell was intelligently designed by engineers to hide your dark, evil intentions...


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