Looking at Jpop Artist Blogs Part 2

Posted on Monday, March 3, 2008 by Steven

As if I wasn't already obsessed with melody., I found her official MySpace page. Thankfully, I wasn't dissapointed since melody. uploads many pictures of herself. Like all MySpace pages, it's a stalker's paradise (not that I'm stalking melody.). You can also subscribe to her blogs, so you can find out what's she doing. She updates frequently and writes in an informal tone. For example, she says:

..the flower looked way too big!! It was as big as my face! ...actually the flower was completely in my face and in the way... lol.
Her posts are relaxing and fun to read, so I'd highly recommend it for any melody. fans. However, the absolute best part of her MySpace page, is you could potentially be added to her friend list. You can be part of her exclusive 2000 member friend list :)



Before visiting Leah Dizon's music blog, I was contemplating what I would see. Perhaps something pink, maybe a few hearts, maybe some scantily clad photos of Leah Dizon...getting 2 out of 3 isn't too bad. Unfortunately, the one I got wrong is probably what people were looking for :)

From Leah Dizon's past posts, it seems that she has only recently started to translate her posts in English. I'm not sure if it makes sense in Japanese, but her English is very random. For example:
Ive been busy, busy, busy but Ive been sleeping well. I dont want to speak too soon but I can finally sleep at night. Ganbaru yo~
Im also taking very good care of my skin and doing face massages everyday. Machi taught me how. She made a blog recently.

Also, I ate sashimi recently and really liked it. I am surprising myself more and more everyday. Maybe tomorrow I will eat EBI NO ODORI GUI =D!
The photos aren't too bad, since they are approximately 400x300 pixels. However, Leah Dizon looks surprisingly normal when she's not under special lighting and mass makeup.


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