Aya Hirano - MonStAR

Posted on Thursday, December 6, 2007 by Steven

Title: MonStAR
Artist: Aya Hirano
Single/Album: MonStAR single
Year: 2007
Genre: Pop
Speed: Fast Song
Languages used: Japanese

I am somewhat disappointed at this song since I didn't find this song to be as catchy as some of Aya Hirano's previous songs. There are parts of this song where her voice sounds terrible and the English chorus brings chills down my spine. The video shows Aya Hirano as a gang girl with a 1 million bounty. However, the "vault" holding all her bling seems rather empty, unless you count glitter curtains or items that you find in a garage sale to be valuable (I suppose sentimental value is priceless though...).

Aya Hirano's MonStAr Japanese lyrics can be found here.

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