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Posted on Monday, December 3, 2007 by Steven

Jpop Addict is a Jpop blog that focuses on Jpop news, reviews, metadata, and lyrics.

Here's a short description of each item:
news: if something new happens in the Jpop community, I'll provide a post.

reviews: although there are song and album reviews, the songs are reviewed on separate posts, which are linked to the song/album review. The idea behind separate posts for each song is to provide the user with metadata for each song. Unlike some other blogs, I won't add a rating or grade to a single or album as I believe it is too difficult to accurately quantify either. For example, I love one song from a single but hate everything else. How then, would I properly assign a rating to the single to accurately represent my absolute love for one song, but hatred for the others? Although some people probably have nice systems outside to properly provide a rating, I won't deal with it here.

metadata: I provide posts for each song, allowing you to search for a song that matches your style. With millions of songs out there, providing metadata can help reduce your search for the right song.

For each song, the following metadata will be provided at the end of each post:

Artist: artist name
Release year: release year
Genre: {Pop|Rock|Rap|Hip-Hop|Reggae|Rock}
Song speed: {Fast|Slow}
Dominant voice: {Female|Male|Female and Male}
Dominant language: {Japanese|English}

lyrics: if romanji or English lyrics are available for a song, the lyrics will be included with the song, with a citation to the source.

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