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Posted on Thursday, December 27, 2007 by Steven


Namie Amuro is one of my favourite female JPOP singers. When I was first introduced to JPOP, she was the third artist I heard. I really loved her hip-hop style and catchy songs. Even to this day, I am a die-hard Namie Amuro fan. The first music video I saw from her was Put 'Em Up, where Namie Amuro looks incredibly cute (I especially like her mechanic dance near her pimpin red car).

She has made tons of good music videos since then and they can be found throughout the web.

Images and wallpapers of Namie Amuro:

You can find more detailed information about Namie Amuro from the Namie Amuro Wikipedia article. I will simply state who I recommend Namie Amuro for and highlight some of my favourite songs. I believe that Namie Amuro's songs are getting better each time she releases new albums and singles. I'm not a big fan of her earlier work so I'm happy that her songs are always getting better.

I highly recommend Namie Amuro if you like:
  • Hip-hop music. She is the "queen of hip-hop"
  • Face-paced and catchy music
  • Low pitched female voices. Namie Amuro's voice won't shatter your ear drums or break glass with high pitches. Her voice is low pitched when compared to some JPOP singers such as Ayumi Hamasaki and Aya Hirano
Song recommendations (click on the link if available for Japanese and romanji lyrics):


2003 Album - Style
  • Put 'Em Up - a moderate paced hip-hop song. This is the first song I heard from her so I'm somewhat biased towards it.
  • So Crazy - a moderate paced hip-hop song. The beginning of the song sounds really good and the song itself sounds very unique.
  • Four Seasons - my absolute favourite song on this album. Namie displays her amazing voice by singing this slow song. Definitely check out this song if you hate hip-hop songs.

2005 Album - Queen of Hip Hop
  • I Wanna Show You My Love - a catchy hip-hop song.
  • My Darling - a catchy hip-hop song, which sounds a lot like a North American song because some random guy grunts and says "hey" and "yeah" every now and then.
  • Ups & Downs - Namie does a duet with another male singer. The male singer, Nao'ymt, has an excellent voice and complements Namie's voice perfectly.
  • ALL FOR YOU - my favourite song from the Queen of Hip Hop album. Namie's voice is amazing as she sings this slow song.
  • No - a unique sounding song, which sounds like two songs in one. The song begins as a fast paced hip-hop song. At the 4:20 mark, the song changes to a slow song.

2007 Album - Play
  • Hide & Seek - a really unique sounding song, which is quite catchy.
  • CAN'T SLEEP, CAN'T EAT, I'M SICK - one of my favourite Namie Amuro songs. This song is fast paced and really addictive.
  • Violet Sauce (Spicy) - another one of my favourite songs from Namie Amuro. I didn't think that a remix of her song Violet Sauce would sound so funky. This song is full of energy and really interesting to listen to.
  • Baby Don't Cry - a slow song, where Namie displays her great voice.

2005 Single - White Light / Violet Sauce
  • White Light - one of my favourite Namie Amuro songs. I listened to this song way too many times. This slow song is very relaxing and displays Namie's excellent voice. Although White light is a Christmas song, it sounds great all year round.
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rémy says:

cool I got to know namie amuro with the same song: Put'em up!

And my all time fav is 4 seasons!

by the way, Queen of Hop Pop is spelling like that on purpose! ;)

Ty_Sylicus says:

I feel you no this! Namie was also among the first few Japanese artists I got into. I've been a fan for years! ^_^