Album Review: Yuna Ito - WISH

Posted on Thursday, February 21, 2008 by Steven

Finally, Yuna Ito's new album WISH is out! I had hoped that WISH wouldn't be as disappointing as Yuna Ito's last album HEART. However, WISH is just as boring as HEART. Before the Yuna Ito fan boys and fan girls fill my shoutbox with death threats, it's important to remember that I don't understand Japanese. Yuna Ito has an amazing voice, but her songs aren't exciting when you don't understand Japanese. Having interesting beats and addictive instrumentals is very important in determining my interest in a Jpop song. Unfortunately, WISH doesn't have a whole lot of interesting beats.

I listened to the full album three times at work and barely made it through the third time. There just wasn't anything to keep my interested, except for "Mahaloha". "I'm Here" has a good beginning, but that's about it. However, I've heard these songs from Yuna Ito's singles, so I didn't discover anything new.

I couldn't stand Yuna Ito doing the cover for "My Heart Will Go On". When the movie Titanic was released, I heard this song too many times. Maybe it would be interesting if Yuna Ito sang this in Japanese and remixed the song to a fast-paced pop song.

Track list:
1. Power of Love
2. Alone Again
3. Anata ga Iru Kagiri ~A World To Believe In~
4. Urban Mermaid
5. Heartbeat
6. Colorful
7. Unite As One
8. Mahaloha
9. A Long Walk
10. Moon Rabbit
11. I'm Here
12. Wish
13. Tokyo Days
14. My Heart Will Go On (Bonus Track)

The direct download for Yuna Ito's album wish can be found here, thanks to Jpop n' Kpop.

3 Responses to "Album Review: Yuna Ito - WISH":

Anonymous says:

how can you not like "alone again"?

moontank says:

can let me download ?

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