Looking at Jpop Artist Blogs Part 1

Posted on Friday, February 22, 2008 by Steven

I visit quite a few Jpop blogs, but I hadn't visited many Jpop artist blogs. So I started off with two blogs today: Angela Aki and Blaise Plant (the guy from Monkey Majik). You are absolutely right if you think I'm bored out of my mind today.

Angela Aki's blog (I hope it's her official blog, otherwise we have an amazing stalker) has tons of photos, which is exactly what I want since I don't understand Japanese. I browsed through the photos and was satisfied.



Blaise Plant has both English and Japanese in his posts, accompanied with a low quality photo. I was pretty surprised that he would put Google Ads on his blog. If you're wondering why a song plays, which isn't by Monkey Majik, it's a solo song called "Call me"

Starting March 18th Blaise Plant will begin
his solo project "The Alphabet Project"
releasing his first single "Call me"
On the same day this blog will also be renewed and connected with www.blaiseplant.jp
He better not leave Monkey Majik, or I'll be crushed. Also, Blaise Plant singing without amazing guitar = NO THANKS.


2 Responses to "Looking at Jpop Artist Blogs Part 1":

Radicalipton says:

You probably already know this, but American Wota and International Wota are great sites to see all kinds of blogs -- and to have many read and reviewed for you. Check it out:


L Miche says:

I'll probably be crushed as well if he leaves the group. He's so fine with Monkey Majik, why leave? They are getting better and better. I LOVE THEM ALL TOGETHER! :D