Nothing Like Jpop to Brighten Your Day

Posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2008 by Steven

After getting terribly sick on the long weekend and forcing myself to go to work today, I felt like dying. However, upon returning home, I noticed that the mail box was bulging with two small packages. Finally, my Monkey Majik's Sora wa Marude album and AAA's Around album had arrived from YesAsia and eBay.

With what could only be described as short-term amnesia, I forgot about all my problems as I viciously opened up the packages. The eBay seller had included a gift CD, which was Yuna Ito's single stuck on you. Good thing I like Yuna Ito...and free stuff :D

Perhaps I'll attain self-actualization when I purchase all the Jpop albums I've ever wanted. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy listening to these new CDs on my (death) bed.

Don't forget to support your favourite Jpop artists! ^_^

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