What is J-MELO?

Posted on Friday, February 29, 2008 by Steven

NHK Online describes J-MELO as:

J-MELO is NHK´s first ever Japanese music show recorded entirely in English for audiences around the world.

J-MELO features the latest, cutting edge developments in Japanese music, selections of hit songs, and diverse material from a wide-range of different genres including pop, rock, jazz and classical.

The program´s name, J-MELO, is a combination of "J" for Japan and "MELO", an abbreviation of both "melody" and "mellow".

I will be putting up direct download links for J-MELO when they come up on JPOPSUKI each week. nakoruru from JPOPSUKI is nice enough to upload these videos every week, but too bad the seeds disappear so fast :(

I hope you'll enjoy J-MELO as much as I do!

2 Responses to "What is J-MELO?":

Shay says:

Very cool show and I gotta watch it more :P Nice site btw ;)

Anonymous says:

its too bad melody has retired