AAA: Shalala Kibou no Uta and Shocking Truths

Posted on Friday, January 25, 2008 by Steven

After watching every AAA music video and listening to most of their songs, I found that the music video for "Shalala Kibou no Uta" reveals a frightening truth about the group. If AAA ever lack funds, the music video shows exactly how the members will be kicked off.

We start of with 4 members standing behind the tree. There seems to be way too many members in this group. The whole group barely fits in this wide screen shot. Who's first to go?

Everyone starts walking through an alley. The camera rotates around and...gasp...only three members are left.
Three seems like a nice number. We got our two lead singers here and a guy in a toque (who sings well). To be perfectly honest, these are the only members I truly care about in AAA. Rather frightening how accurate this music video is getting. Can they reduce more? The music video reveals more shocking truths!

Now only the two lead singers remain. We got the handsome fellow Nishijima Takahiro and the cute Uno Misako. I could live with AAA being two people. I'm sure most people could live with that fact as well. However, in the end, AAA is a wonderful band that I hope won't ever break up. However, one female member, Goto Yukari, has already left due to health reasons. And yes, she was one of the first people to get kicked off the music video.

Of course, near the 55 second mark, the whole gang is together again dancing in the middle of a town. Hooray for AAA!

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