Toshinobu Kubota: Soul Music Master

Posted on Friday, January 18, 2008 by Steven

Thanks to smallhow for telling me about Toshinobu Kubota by commenting in MyShoutBox.

smallhow: why [don't I] see Toshinobu Kubota here??!!! he is great!

Toshinobu Kubota (or Toshi Kubota) is a great male singer if you're a fan of soul music. The Toshi Kubota Wikipedia article (found here), says Toshi Kubota is a pioneer of soul music in Japan. Maybe I'm terrible at searching for songs, but it's really difficult to find Toshi Kubota songs (if anyone knows where to find his stuff, please leave a comment!). I really enjoyed some of his music by watching his music videos. His soul music is relaxing and can easily compete with North American songs. Someone mentioned that his song "Masquerade" was on BET. I'm not surprised, since I can't even tell that he's Japanese from hearing his songs. I'm not a fan of his earlier work in the 80s. I think his newer work is more interesting :). Soul music is one of many genres of music I like. Naturally, I'm happy that I was recommended to a Japanese soul music singer.

His music videos are quite limited in availability, but here are some that I like:

"Masquerade" from his 2000 Album "Nothing But Your Love."

"Nothing But Your Love" from his 2000 Album "Nothing But Your Love."

"Breaking Through" from his 2000 Album "Nothing But Your Love."

2 Responses to "Toshinobu Kubota: Soul Music Master":

jun says:

I have never been so mesmerized by a Japanese singer b4 TOSHI. Breaking Through...Awesome...

Toshi if u read this.then u need to come & tour the UK...where I'm sure I can't be the only English lover of ur music...Keep them comin Toshi xxxx
I am pleased u got rid of ur locks, didn't do u justice.(coming from a black woman who does have locks)...
I've read at least 4 different articles & not 1 can get his age right..some say 44yrs/47yrs..None can be does any1 know when this pied piper was born..xxxx

Makoto says:

Hi jun,

Just FYI...

Toshi Kubota was born on July 24th 1962, then debuted in 1986 in Japan.

I used to listened his songs when I was in my 20's.
He is still one of my bests!