Song Review: YUI - Namidairo

Posted on Saturday, January 12, 2008 by Steven

Title: Namidairo
Artist: YUI
Single: Namidairo
Released: February 27, 2008

I hope I'm not the only one who suffers from YUI-syndrome. YUI-syndrome occurs when you are unable to differentiate certain YUI songs because they sound all the same. A deadly disease indeed. I feel that YUI has too many songs where she sings softly in a sad tone to an acoustic guitar. For those of us who don't understand Japanese, it's really depressing to not understand what she's saying. She's got some sad sounding songs, I want to feel her pain too. <3 YUI!!!

Feeling bored? Play the YUI game!
If you have an iPod, one of the "games" (used very loosely of course) is the "guess the song" game. A song is chosen at random with a short preview. Then you must guess the song from a small list. I recommend you try this song with YUI's two albums "Can't Buy Love" and "From Me to You." Remove songs like "LIFE," "CHE.R.RY," "Rolling Star," and "Good-bye days" since they are clearly differentiable. I cannot assign this game an ERSB rating since I don't understand Japanese. YUI could be secretly hiding intense profanity in her sad songs...just cursing this cruel world.

Moving On...
"Namidairo" is the 11th single from YUI. It's the typical heavily acoustic and sad sounding YUI song. Her voice sound relaxing since she doesn't do any "yelling," like the "Good-bye Days" chorus. However, this song is hardly differentiable from many of her older songs, so it doesn't stand out. It's great for relaxing background music, but hardly a top YUI pick for me.

The verdict: There's nothing addictive to "Namidairo," just a typical sad sounding YUI song with acoustics.
Here are the romaji lyrics for "Namidairo" so you can sing along:
Kirawareteiru you na ki ga shiteta kaerimichi
Miageta heya no akari ima donna kimochi de iru no darou?

Kenka ni nareba sugu ayamaru yowakute anata wa zurui hito

Namidairo koe ga kikoenai yoru wa
Komarasete shimau hodo wagamama ni naritai
Daijoubu sou itte mita kedo
Sonna hazu nai desho…

Mizu tamari ni utsuru kanashii kao minareteiru
Muri iwanai tsumori wakatteru kara kurushiku naru no

Yasashiku sareru to naketekuru yappari anata wa zurui hito

Namidairo koe ga kikoenai yoru wa
Komarasete shimau hodo wagamama ni naritai
Daijoubu sou itte mita kedo
Sonna hazu nai desho…

Anata no mae ja uso tsuki yo
Kizuite hoshii to omotteiru no
Sonna ni tsuyoi wake ja nai kara ne atashi

Namida kobosanai kimeteita no ni
Komarasete shimau yo ne? wagamama ni narenai

Daijoubu? Nante mata kiku kedo
Sonna hazu nai desho…

Thanks a lot to the user "uchihamel" for posting the romaji lyrics so quickly.
Artist: YUI
Release year: 2008
Genre: Pop
Song speed: Fast
Dominant voice: Female
Dominant language: Japanese


kyuri says:

I actually beg to differ. The first time I heard Namidairo it became one of my fav YUI songs. I do understand that it does seem like many of her other slow sad songs but the part 'namidairo koe ga kikoenai yoru wa' really brings out her voice and i love that chorus part! ^__^

and yeah most of the time she sings depressing lyrics. YUI be more happy!