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Posted on Saturday, January 12, 2008 by Steven

If you're a EUROBEAT fan and love Jpop, I highly recommend you check out HINOI Team. They are my favourite Japanese dance/parapara group. HINOI Team often do covers for EUROBEAT songs. Some examples include "Night of Fire" and "King Kong."

What I believe makes HINOI Team so appealing is their great voices and energetic songs. I often prefer their EUROBEAT covers over the original.

The leader, Asuka Hinoi, has a great voice as she demonstrates in her early solo career. She sings the highly addictive song "Wanna be your Girlfriend."

Naturally, not all their songs sound great, but I have some that I would highly recommend.


An absolutely great album with a wide variety of dance songs. If I had to buy a HINOI Team CD, "SUPER EURO PARTY" would be the one. The album would be better if that male comedian Koriki was excluded from the album. Koriki ruins some of the songs, but he does provide the EUROBEAT atmosphere. Here are my recommendations:

Recommended songs
The following songs are all energetic and addictive. There's no need to repeat the same description for each song. If I had to choose two, they would be "Just for Me" and "Yeah," since both have amazingly addictive choruses.
  • Hey Mr. DJ
  • Night of Fire (with Koriki)
  • Play With The Numbers
  • Sing Na Na Na
  • Just For Me
  • Yeah!
Here are some of their music videos for these songs:


Night of Fire (with Koriki)



2006 Single - Now and Forever
"Now and Forever" is an incredibly catchy song and a perfect single to follow "SUPER EURO PARTY." Currently, "Now and Forever" is my favourite HINOI Team song. Here is the music video:

2007 Single - Dancin' & Dreamin'
Another great single from HINOI Team. I recommend both "I'M GONNA CARRY ON" and "Dancin' & Dreamin'."

Here is the music video for "Dancin' & Dreamin'"

If you'd like romaji lyrics for HINOI Team songs, I recommend you visit

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