Japanese Hairstyles: Male Jpop Artists

Posted on Thursday, January 17, 2008 by Steven

Japanese people generally have some pretty neat hairstyles. Japanese female hairstyles aren't particularly interesting as they don't do anything crazy. However, males just go crazy with the wax or gel and come up with artistic and creative looking hairstyles. I'm fully aware that Koreans have amazingly cool looking hair...but this is a Jpop blog (the "J" is for Japanese).

Need some examples? Here are some of the wickedly cool looking hairstyles from some of my favourite male Jpop artists:




I've never worked up the courage to try any of these hairstyles myself. But I have watched "How to" videos. Basically, the best source for Japanese male tutorials is from Gatsby. You can visit the Gatsby website here.

You need to navigate around to see the tutorials. After it fully loads, you should see a menu called "Ch 1 HAIR STYLING." Most of the videos of interest are in that menu. Browse around! Have fun!

For those of you who think these hairstyles are absolutely ridiculous, you might find these videos humerous. People do spend a lot of time making their hair look like that. If you want a few previews, you can always look around YouTube. Here are some interesting videos in case you don't feel like manually searching:

I actually watched all the videos on the Gatsby site and enjoyed it. The tutorials are quite detailed and somewhat addictive to watch. There are some other humerous videos on that site. For example, there is one video where they teach you how to wash your face. If you truly love Jpop, you would wash your face like an authentic Japanese person after all!!!

4 Responses to "Japanese Hairstyles: Male Jpop Artists":

Anonymous says:

Thanks for this! You've made a Gaijin's day....not sure if that's a bad thing, in my case; it's not.

Anonymous says:

What I realized was really it is more about growing the hair long and the style method.



Anonymous says:

The first picture is of Dong Bang Shin Ki... they are Korean.

Anonymous says:

They're Korean but they sing in Japanese too ^^