The Best Jpop Song List

Posted on Friday, January 11, 2008 by Steven

I will be uploading "Discovering Jpop" albums with songs from this list. The albums are located here.

A great thing about Jpop, is there's always something new out there that you haven't heard before. It is incredibly tedious to listen through an artist's discography to find excellent songs. After all, not every song can sound great, but there are always some that stand out.

I encourage you to leave a comment if you'd like to recommend some of your favourite Jpop songs (I recommend you follow a similar format to the list below).

I'll periodically update this list to include songs from the comment list and any new songs. You can suggest a new category if you'd like :D. Don't feel like you're restricted to those categories. Go crazy! Here's a list of of my absolute favourite Jpop songs, sorted alphabetically by category. I've tried to list as many artists as I could per category.

The Best Jpop List
Best Japanese slow songs
  • [2000] Ayumi Hamasaki - SEASONS
  • [2001] Ayumi - Hamasaki - Endless Sorrow
  • [2006] Angela Aki - Kiss Me Good-Bye
  • [2006] Angela Aki - Kokoro no Senshi
  • [2006] Angela Aki - This Love
  • [2007] JYONGRI - Lullaby For You
  • [2003] Koda Kumi - 1000 no Kotoba
  • [2007] Koda Kumi - Ai no Uta
  • [2005] Yuna Ito - ENDLESS STORY
  • [2006] Mika Nakashima - CRY NO MORE
  • [2005] Namie Amuro - ALL FOR YOU
  • [2005] Namie Amuro - White Light
  • [2005] Rie Fu - I Wanna Go To A Place
  • [2006] Satori Negishi - Stargazer ~Hoshi no Tobira~
  • [2007] Utada Hikaru - Flavor Of Life
  • [2007] YUI - Good-bye days
Best Japanese fast songs
  • [2006] 20th Century - INNOCENCE
  • [2007] AAA - Get Chu!
  • [2007] AAA - Sunshine
  • [2007] Aqua Timez - ALONES
  • [2004] Ayumi Hamasaki - Winding Road
  • [2007] ERIKA - FREE
  • [2007] ERIKA - Destination Nowhere
  • [2005] Do As Infinity - TAO
  • [2004] DOUBLE - Life is Beautiful
  • [2005] DOUBLE - You Took My Heart Away
  • [2005] Dream - Shine of Voice
  • [2005] FLOW - DAYS
  • [2005] Hitomi Takahashi - Aozora no Namida
  • [2005] Hitomi Takahashi - My Answer
  • [2006] K - Brand New Map
  • [2005] Ken Hirai - POP STAR
  • [2003] Koda Kumi - real emotion
  • [2007] JYONGRI - Hop, Step, Jump!
  • [2007] JYONGRI - Romeo&Juliet
  • [2005] Matsuura Aya - Ki ga Tsukeba Anata
  • [2003] Mikuni Shimokawa - Sore Ga Ai Deshou
  • [2007] Morning Musume - YES Nude
  • [2007] Nakagawa Shoko - Sorairo Days
  • [2006] Namie Amuro - CAN'T SLEEP CAN'T EAT, I'M SICK
  • [2003] Namie Amuro - Four Seasons
  • [2007] Rie Fu - 5000 Mile
  • [2007] Rie Fu - Tsukiakari
  • [2006] RYTHEM - Dear Friend
  • [2005] Sakamoto Maaya - Loop
  • [2007] Sowelu - Hikari
  • [2005] SweetS - on the way
  • [2004] Tamaki Nami - Be Positive
  • [2007] the brilliant green - Stand by me
  • [2004] TiA - Ryuusei
  • [2007] Tohoshinki - Together
  • [2006] Utada Hikaru - Keep Tryin’
  • [2005] Younha - Himawari
  • [2005] Younha - Houki Boshi
  • [2006] YUI - LIFE
  • [2006] YUI - Merry Go Round
  • [2005] Yuna Ito - Journey
  • [2007] Yuna Ito - Mahaloha
Best Japanese rock/heavy metal songs
  • [2007] ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION - After Dark
  • [2005] Do As Infinity - For the Future
  • [2002] Hitomi - I am
  • [2006] Hyde - SEASON'S CALL
  • [2007] L'Arc~en~Ciel - DAYBEAK'S BELL
  • [2005] Mika Nakashima - GLAMOROUS SKY
  • [2007] Nightmare - Raison d'Etre
Best collaborations
  • [2005] Chemistry and Crystal Kay - TWO AS ONE
  • [2006] EXILE and Koda Kumi - Won't Be Long
  • [2004] m-flo, melody., Yamamoto Ryohei - Miss You
  • [2004] m-flo and BoA - the Love Bug
  • [2007] Monkey Majik and m-flo - picture perfect
  • [2005] Namie Amuro and Nao'ymt - Ups & Downs
  • [2007] The Gospellers and Howie D - It Still Matters
Best indie-pop/acoustic songs
  • [2005] Monkey Majik - 1996
  • [2007] Monkey Majik - Car Crash
  • [2006] Monkey Majik - fly
  • [2007] Monkey Majik - LONG SHOT PENNY
  • [2006] Monkey Majik - turn
  • [2000] the brilliant green - rainy days never stays
Best Soul/R&B songs
  • [2000] Toshi Kubota - Masquerade
  • [2000] Toshi Kubota - Nothing But Your Love
Best punk songs
  • [2004] ELLEGARDEN - Addicted
  • [2005] ELLEGARDEN - Bored of Everything
  • [2004] ELLEGARDEN - Perfect Days
  • [2005] ELLEGARDEN - Star Fish
  • [2002] ELLEGARDEN - Under Control
Best Parapara or dance songs
  • [2006] Hinoi Team - Ike Ike
  • [2006] Hinoi Team - Just for Me
  • [2006] Hinoi Team - Yeah!
  • [2006] Hinoi Team - NOW AND FOREVER
  • [2006] KOTOKO - Face of Fact RESOLUTION ver.
  • [2004] Tamaki Nami - Realize
  • [2004] Tamaki Nami - Believe
Best English dominant song (a bit of Japanese is OK)
  • [2003] melody. - Do you hear what I hear
  • [2007] melody. - Glory of Love
  • [2007] melody. - ONE DAY
  • [2004] melody. - Over the Rainbow
  • [2007] Monkey Majik - NO SNOW IN DECEMBER
  • [2006] Rie Fu - 5 minutes
  • [2005] Rie Fu - shine
  • [2002] Utada Hikaru - Simple and Clean
  • [2006] YOSHIKA - nothing
Best remixes
  • [2007] Namie Amuro - Violet Sauce (Spicy)
Change Log:
  1. January 11, 2008: Initial list created
  2. January 18, 2008: Added Toshi Kubota's songs "Masquerade" and "Nothing But Your Love", various Rie Fu songs (I can't believe I forgot to add them the first time!), and Satori Negishi's "Stargazer ~Hoshi no Tobira~"
  3. January 22, 2008: Added "Sunshine" and "Get Chu!" by AAA

21 Responses to "The Best Jpop Song List":

Anonymous says:

Not bad, but you need a wider/bigger selection.

My email is if you can send me some songs like Para Para, Bumblebee, and CaramellDansen.



Xander Cage says:

tnx for this blog of yours.
its really helpful for the likes of me who likes JPOP but doesn'tknow much artist. Hope you can improve it by putting samples that we can listen directly.
God Bless... ^_^

Anonymous says:

Nice, but no JE bands :O You *need* to add KAT-TUN's 'Don't you ever stop' and 'Yorokobi no uta'. Listen to those two and decide which categories, i'm not so sure myself :S
Also, for slow songs you could add Tohoshinki's 'Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?' Its definitely gotta be in there, do listen to it!
Btw i lol'ed at Hinoi team 'ike ike' ...Very funny song. Cho kawaii >.<

Romina says:

What about Utada Hikaru's "First love" and Heartsdales feat. Soul'd Out "Candy pop"?

Anonymous says:

You should add Lena Park's gold and inori to slow songs and you raise me up to the english dominated. Utada Hikaru's passion(slow), may'n diamond crevasse(anime), Kobukuro's Tsubomi (slow songs) and some Ayaka songs like jewelry day and I believe but the list is nice.

David says:

It's a crime that there are no pre-2000's songs on this list. I stopped listening to new JPOP around 2001, so I have no basis to knock this new stuff, but there is a ton of 90's stuff that is absolutely AMAZING. If you are interested in getting into some more of the older stuff, I would recommend this stuff:


Amuro Namie
Albums: "Sweet 19 Blues" "181920"
Songs: "Sweet 19 Blues" "A Walk in the Park" "Don't Wanna Cry"

Albums: "Faces Places" "Relation"
Songs: "Wanna be a Dreammaker" "Departures" "Faces Places" "Sweet Pain"

every little thing
Albums: "Time to Destination" "Every Best Single +3"
Songs: "Time Goes By" "Dear My Friends" "For the Moment" "Deatta Koro no You ni"

Mr. Children
Albums: "Bolero" "Discovery"
Songs: "Tomorrow Never Knows" "Hana~Momento Mori" "Owarinaki Tabi" "I'll Be"

L'Arc -en-Ciel
Albums: All of them especially "Heart" "True" "Tierra"
Songs: "Dive to Blue" "Honey" "flower" "Blurry Eyes" and so many more

Luna Sea
Albums: "Shine" and all early ones
Songs: "Rosier" "Storm" "I for You" "I Wish" and more

Albums: "The Best Pleasure" "The Best Treasure"
Songs: "Koi Gokoro" "Negai" "love me, I love you" "Mienai Chikara~Invisible One" and more

There's so much more but here are some 90's starter songs for y'all.

Anonymous says:

Can anyone please tell me the song in the game from the link above. It is a dirty game so play at your own discretion but please let me know of the song if you know

Anonymous says:

Why don't you put Aqua Timez - Velonica? It's my favorite song!(^_^)


A helpful list for starters. But i think a bigger variety and selection would be more appropriate.

Like someone suggested above, samples to listen to would a excellent idea and perhaps you could include a public rating system so that everyone can rate the songs we all like best => giving starters better recommendations :)

Vendetta says:

[xxxx]PERFUME - Puppy Love
[xxxx]PERFUME - Love the World

These are...u could say jpop but techno backgrounds.

I'm not sure if u shld classify it under fast songs, or pop. ><

I'm not too sure of the year as well, so I didn't include them.

Belta787 says:

tnx it really help full for me. Hope you would keep on updating

MaBiG says:

"Again" by YUI is one of the best songs ever for fast songs.
You should definetely listen to it.

Anonymous says:

Hmm this list is missing some of my favorite songs! you should look up these artists :
Maaya Sakamoto
Yoko Kanno

I cant think of any others...

oh ya and the theme song from kingdom harts by utada hikaru

Anonymous says:

I LOVE Swimming Dancing by SAWA, not just the song, the video clip is so cool!

梅丽莎 says:

Goodness the list is big... but you have forgotten JE groups... seriously check out KAT-TUN though, songs like Real Face, Love Yourself, Rescue, Right Now, D-Motion, 1582, Give Me Give Me Give Me etc are pure awesomeness (can't even list all their good songs.... some aren't even singles) XD

Anonymous says:

Dude, alot of song which are the backbone of the J-pop genre are missing from your list. First Love by Utada Hikaru, Voyage by Ayumi Hamasaki, Tsunami by Southern All Stars just to name a few. Those are songs that were/ARE hugely popular in Japan. SMAP's Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana, orange are all great slow songs (well sekai ni hitotsu is not necessarily slow).
While I am at it, it may be from the 90s but M-flo vs dragon ash - grateful days is the best collaboration period.

Kobukuro, Ketsumeishi, Homemade Kazoku, Mr. Children are all bands that are amazing and have several great songs. I am surprised that that I do not see a single song up here of Mr. Children. (sign, hero, owarinakitabi?).

Not bad songs up there but there is a lot of really good songs that could also be put up there.

Anonymous says:

I was reading your blog and I found that you have a lot of the same artists in your list. It would be nice if you put in a few of my favorites: pon pon pon, Bad apple!, matryoshka, caramelldansen, and popipo. Thanks!

Anonymous says:

I R-REALLY want to know about this song, it's a j-pop song i saw a long time ago and I only remember the video, not the name or any of the lyrics of it....It has a guy and a girl singing,(I THINK about food) and the girl is in front of a belt train like you see sushi on and she's going and eating/tasting alot of different dishes as they pass by, while the guy is singing....PLEASE if you know it email me at I'm d-ying to know it!!!!!! ^-^;;;;Arigotu~

midhun says:

can you include ikimono gakari as well?? Its a great band and I would appreciate it if u do so :)

Anonymous says:

Anyone know what song I am thinking's from 2005 or 2006 of a female jpop singer shows her being built from robot/mannequin parts in a warehouse and it was a somewhat fast paced song. I don't speak japanese and it was a song my friend used to listen to and I loved it!!! Any help would be much appreciated!!

Anonymous says:

Ahhh I miss that song so bad. If anyone has any ideas please email me at