Song Review: the brilliant green - Ash Like Snow

Posted on Tuesday, January 8, 2008 by Steven

Title: Ash Like Snow
Artist: the brilliant green
Single: Ash Like Snow
Released: February 6, 2008

"Ash Like Snow" is the 17th single from the brilliant green which will replace the opening theme for the anime Mobile Suit Gundam 00. I'm a fan of "DAYBREAK'S BELL" (the old opening), but the song isn't fitting for a Gundam opening. In other Gundam series, such as Gundam Seed and Gundam Destiny, the openings were dance songs from artists like Tamaki Nami.

When I think about a Gundam opening, I think about the main characters in their overpowered robots blowing up bad guys in their obsolete mobile suits. What sort of music matches these openings? Killer dance tracks. There is no need for depressing songs with the intention of creating sympathy for those poor, poor youngsters piloting those war machines. They are fully aware of what they signed up for. Now let's see some action!

With the title "Ash Like Snow," I wouldn't expect this song to be a dance song and that hypothesis is correct. I would describe this song as a fast paced rock song.

the brilliant green waste no time by starting off with energetic instrumentals via the electric guitar and bass. I anxiously wait for Tomoko's vocals and pray that it won't be disappointing. Luckily, Tomoko vocals aren't monotone. Tomoko is notorious for having some lifeless vocals, so I'm glad she didn't exercise that option for this song. I live for two parts of this song: the beginning and the 1:25 mark. Tomoko and the guitars start off quietly and begin picking up energy until you think something will explode. It's addictive and refreshing, exactly what I was looking for. The chorus is somewhat disappointing since it lacks any addictive elements, I almost forget that it exists in this song. The chorus just blends in with the rest of the verses.

One thing that made me shudder was the use of synthesized vocals. Around the 2:30 mark, Tomoko's voice is synthesized as she enlightens us with her lyrics. It seems unnecessary and really breaks the flow of the song.

One notable part of the music video is the two pandas attempting to snipe Tomoko, but fail miserably. How hard is it to snipe a member of the brilliant green in their music video? They don't dance like BoA or Leah Dizon would. They are stationary objects. Don't be greedy, don't go for the head shot.

The verdict: unfortunately, I'm only hooked on two parts of this song so it's not enough for me to highly recommend this song. The song is good, but not one of my favourites from the brilliant green.

Edit: January 12, 2008

Here is the actual Gundam 00 opening with the brilliant green's "Ash Like Snow" summarized in 1:30. I really like this version because the song's energy has been concentrated in 1:30 instead of stretching it out for 5 minutes. I'm looking forward to the anime length version when the Gundam 00 soundtrack comes out. As I had pointed out previously, the opening is a pity party as I had expected. From the few reviews I've read from anime viewers, they seem to like this Gundam 00 opening more than "DAYBREAK'S BELL," and I completely agree with them.

Here are the romaji lyrics for "Ash Like Snow" so you can sing along:
sora akakusomeru kokutan no yami
nomikomareta hoshikuzutachi
hakanaku furitsumoru hai no yuki

mitsumeta nageki no mado
I never dreamed
there... I come for you

omoi wa sekibaku no yozora ni
maiagari kudaketa
kono sekai ga katachi o kaeru tabi ni
mamoritai mono o
kowashiteshimatteitan da

kokoro ni hishimeku haitoku no yami
kimi no koe ga masui no you ni
tsumetaku kankaku o ubatteku

mujyun o oikaketemo
naze boku wa tatakau no?

tatoeba hikari ga kieusete
kono chikyuu(hoshi) ga ochitemo
wasurenai yo
sono chiisana negai ga
arubeki basho e to michibiku

there I come for you yeah
Ash Like Snow is falling down
from your sky
Ash Like Snow
Ash Like Snow
Ash Like Snow
Let me hear...
why? I have to fight

kono omoi wa sekibaku no yozora ni
maiagari kudaketa
yami o hiraku eikou to hikikae ni
mamorubeki mono o ushinattekita
(It's falling from your sky)
(Baby I come for you)

kudakechitta kakeru ni kizutsuku tabi
tozasareta boku no kokoro o
tsuyokunaru koto o erande
koko made kitan da

Much thanks to "NominalBeast" for the post!
Artist: the brilliant green
Release year: 2008
Genre: Rock
Song speed: Fast
Dominant voice: Female
Dominant language: Japanese

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